Descendants of Francis Jury

1. Francis Jury.  He married Mary Hartop, 30 Jun 1758, in Maker Cornwall, (daughter of Robert Hartop and Sarah Olver). 

    2. i Robert Hartop Jury b. 1759.
      ii Francis Jury, b. 1760, Maker Cornwall.
      iii Henry Jury, b. 1762, Maker Cornwall.

There were four children baptised in the London area-between 1776 and 1774, John Jury,Mary Jury, Elizabeth Jury and Margaret Jury.  The parents were shown as Francis Jury and Mary.  Whilst this may well be the same family, there is no evidence to support that

Second Generation

2. Robert Hartop Jury, b. 1759, Maker Cornwall.  He married Anne _____, who died about  1834, Stepney.  Robert died 1824, St. Johns Wapping. 
Apprenticed to Samuel Craig 1773/1780 
Watermans Company records show that a Baptismal Certificate dated 20 September 1758 was produced at the time of the apprentice binding.
 Kents Directory of 1811 shows Rob. Jury, Lighterman & coal merchant at 329 Wapping Street.
 In Johnsons Street Directory of 1817 at 329 Wapping Street, Wapping -Lighterman
 In Robsons Directory of 1820 as Coal Merchant. Anne: Inherited all husbands possession in Will of Robert Jury
 Pigotts Directory of 1828 shows Widow Jury & Son, Lighterman at 25 Great Hermitage Street

      i Robert Hartupp Jury, b. 29 May 1781.
    3. ii Charles Jury b. 12 Jun 1782.
    4. iii Henry Jury b. 21 Jun 1784.
    5. iv Francis Jury b. 21 Aug 1787.
      v Elizabeth Margaret Jury, b. 5 Nov 1789.
      vi Ann Jury, b. 21 Mar 1792, St George in the East.  She married John Saunders.
    6. vii Robert Jury b. 21 July 1794.
    7. viii John Jury b. 1796.
      ix Mary Jury, b. 1799, St George in the East.  She married Samuel Waller, 18 July 1826, in St. Dunstan Stepney.

Third Generation

3. Charles Jury, b. 12 Jun 1782, St. George in the East.  He married Mary Ann Charlton, 9 Jun 1832, in St Saviour Southwark, b. 1805, Rochester Kent, (daughter of Ellis Charlton and Ann Whyman) d. 20 Dec 1874, 13 Brewers Court St John Horseleydown . 
Apprenticed as a Waterman to Robert Jury 1796/1803 Name shown as "Charles John" on Baptism Record of children. 

Charles died 1846, 4 Fan Court  Crooked Lane London, buried: 7 May 1846, St Michael Crooked Lane London. 

His widow Mary: On 1871 census at 17 Charles Street St. John Horseleydown 
Cause of death Erysipelas Death Cert states "Widow of Frederick Charles Jury" this is incorrrect

    8. i Mary Elizabeth Jury b. 1833.
      ii William John Jury, b. 1837, Whitechapel.
    9. iii Frederick Charles Jury b. 23 Dec 1839.
      iv Jane Ellison Jury, b. 1844, Whitechapel.

4. Henry Jury, b. 21 Jun 1784, St George in the East.  He married Elizabeth French. 
Henry died 1834, Ratcliffe Middx. 
Apprenticed waterman to Robert Willsher 1798/1805 Made Freeman 20 Jun 1805- Licence No: 1865
 Registered as a Pilot with Trinity House 17 Dec 1812
 Piggotts Directory 1828 shows Henry Jury, pilot at 44 Lower East Smithfield.
 Robsons Directory of 1831 & 1832 shows Hy Jury, Pilot at 17 London St. Ratcliffe.
      i Elizabeth Catherine Jury.
      ii Anna Maria Jury, b. 11 Dec 1812, Wapping Middx, buried: 5 Jan 1814, St John of Wapping.
      iii Thomas Wotton Jury, b. 10 Dec 1823, St George in the East.
      iv Ann Jury, b. 28 Jan 1826, St George in the East Middx.
      v Amy Jury, b. 1828.
      vi William Jury, b. 1831.

5. Francis Jury, b. 21 Aug 1787, St George in the East.  He married Elizabeth Abigail Marshall, 12 Sep 1811, in St. Leonards Shoreditch, b. 1790, Wapping Middx. 
Francis died 6 July 1855, 2 Paradise Row, Bow,Poplar Middx.  Cause of death Carcinoma
Apprenticed to Thomas Grainger 1801/1808, Made Free 17 Sep 1808- Abode Hermitage  Licence No: 3217

On 1851 Census at 2 Paradise Row, Bow
 Pigotts Directory of 1827 shows Francis Jury as Chain Lighterman at 1 Globe Street Wapping
 Pigotts Directory of 1828 shows Francis Jury - Lighterman at 1 Globe Street, Wapping
 Robsons Directory of 1831 & 1832 show Fras Jury, Lighterman & Pilot, 1 Globe Street
 Kellys Directory of 1841 & 1842 show similar entries.

    10. i Ann Rachel Jury b. 2 July 1812.
    11. ii Francis Jury b. 6 May 1815.
    12. iii John Milsom Jury b. 11 Oct 1816.
      iv Elizabeth Jury, b. 15 March 1818, St George in the East, d. 1819.
    13. v Robert Hartup Jury b. 12 August 1819.
    14. vi George Jury b. 2 July 1821.
      vii Emma Jury, b. 22 Feb 1824, St George in the East Middx.
    15. viii Elizabeth Abigail Jury b. 6 Oct 1825.
    16. ix Louisa Jury b. 23 Jun 1827.
      x Matilda Jury, b. 6 Feb 1830, St George in the East Middx.
    17. xi Marshall Jury b. 7 Jun 1832.
    18. xii Caroline Jury b. 1833.

6. Robert Jury, b. 21 July 1794, St George in the East.  He married Eleanor Watkins, 6 Oct 1813, in St. Andrew Undershaft. 
Apprenticed  Waterman to Charles Jury 1808/1815
 Marriage witnesses: John Watkins, Ann Hovey (?)  George Bear  & Matilda Merry
 Mentioned in the will of his mother who mentions a first wife.
      i Robert William Jury.  mentioned in the will of Grandmother Ann Jury.
      ii Charles Edward Jury.  Mentioned in the will of Grandmother Ann Jury.

7. John Jury, b. 1796, St George in the East.  He married (1) Phoebe Kemp, 16 Nov 1824, in St. Dunstans Stepney.  He married (2) Ann Kemp, 10 Jan 1831, in Great Linford Bucks, b. 1809, Great Linford Bucks. 
Apprenticed waterman  to Francis Jury 1810/1817
 Marriage witnesses 1824- Sam Waller, his future Wife Mary Jury and Ann Elizabeth Waller
 Marriage witnesses 1831: Robert Kemp and Mary Kemp

  Pigotts Directory of 1827 shows John Jury Lighterman at 25 mGt Hermitage Street, Wapping
 Pigotts Directory of 1828 shows Widow Jury & Son - Lighterman at 25 Gt Hermitage Street. Wapping
 Robsons Directory of 1831 & 1832 shows J Jury, Lighterman at 19 Hermitage Street, Wapping
 Kellys Directories of  1841 & 1842 show similar entries
 On 1851 census at 2 Redmead lane Wapping.

John's widow Ann: On Marriage Register she signed her name as Ann J. Harriet Kemp
 On 1881 census as Matron of the Watermans Asylum, Penge
    19. i Robert Hartop Jury b. 17 Aug 1825.
    20. ii John Kemp Jury b. 15 Jan 1827.
      iii Ann E. Jury, b. 23 Jan 1832, St George in the East, d. 27 Nov 1852.  Cause of death: consumption.
      iv Emma Jane Jury, b. 26 Sep 1833, St George in the East.
      v Thomas Jury, b. 1836, St George in the East.  On 1851 census at home with parents at 2 Redmead Lane Wapping According to Loris Kingcott he sailed to Australia in 1852.
      vi Connie J. Jury, b. 1834, St. Georges Middlesex.  Unable to trace Baptism.
    On 1881 Census at Penge Watermans Asylum with mother who was the Matron.

Fourth Generation

8. Mary Elizabeth Jury, b. 1833, Gunpowder Alley St. George in the East.  She married William Hall, 16 May 1858, in St. Botolph, Bishopsgate, b. 20 Aug 1833, St. Lukes Mddx, (son of Thomas Hall and Ann Simons). Mary died 31 Dec 1893, St. Olave's Union Infirmary. 
On 1871 census at 47 Fair Street St John Horseleydown
 Informant at Death Colin Hall, son. 

William: Marriage witnesses: J.Ramsey & Mary Jury
 Address at time of marriage: 3 Sweet Apple Crt
  Family on 1861 census at Kirby Street Bermondsey
  Family on 1881 census at Magdalen Street Bermondsey
  Family on 1891 census 33 Camilla Rd Bermondsey
      i Mary Hall, b. 13 Sep 1858, 2 Melior Place Bermondsey.
      ii William Hall, b. 25 Nov 1859, 2 Melior Place, Bermondsey.
      iii Charles Hall, b. 1862, Southwark.  He married Elizabeth Augusta Elverstone, 16 Oct 1887, in St. Mary Magdalene Southwark, b. 1867, (daughter of James Charles Elverstone). Address on Marriage 12 Beckway Street Walworth
    Marriage witnesses: George & Mary Lattermann.
      iv Colin Hall, b. 25 Dec 1864, 18 Kirby St. Bermondsey.  He married Alice Drapper, 23 Dec 1888, in St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, b. 1870, Walworth, (daughter of John Henry Drapper and Mary Ann Drapper). Informatnt at death of Mother in 1893.  Address then 1 Rock Grove. Bermondsey.
    21. v Alfred Hall b. 3 Mar 1867.

9. Frederick Charles Jury, b. 23 Dec 1839, Whitechapel.  He married Sarah A.. 

Frederick died 16 Sep 1895, 6 Bonamy Street Camberwell. 
Apprenticed Waterman  to Mary Jury- Miles Lane 1857/1864
 On 1881 Census at 147 Drummond Road Bermondsey
 On 1891 Census at 19 Parfitt Road Rotherhithe
 Death informant Widow S.A.Jury

      i Arthur Jury, b. 1867, Bermondsey.
    22. ii William Frederick Jury b. 1871.
      iii Beatrice Jury, b. 1877, Bermondsey.

10. Ann Rachel Jury, b. 2 July 1812, King Str Simpsons Gardens Wapping.  She married John Ward, 27 Nov 1841, in St Botolph Bishopgate.
    23. i Francis Ward b. 30 Aug 1845.

11. Francis Jury, b. 6 May 1815, Wapping Middx.  He married Euphemia (Mina) Mercevina Caulfield, 8 Oct 1849, in Trinity Church Hobart Tasmania Australia, b. 1827, Dublin Ireland.

 Francis died 13 Aug 1867, Dry Creek South Australia. Accidentaly shot himself.

Apprenticed Waterman to Robert N. Marshall 11 Jun 1829-Wapping- but did not complete 

      i Francis George Jury, b. 1 Aug 1850, Old Wharf Hobart.
      ii Robert Frederick Jury, b. 1851.
    24. iii Mina Elizabeth Jury b. 1853.
      iv Emma Louise Jury.
      v Ann Caroline Jury, b. Jan 1856, Port Arthur Tasmania, d. 13 Jan 1858, Port Arthur Tasmania.
      vi Abel Jury, b. 1859, Port Arthur Tasmania.
    25. vii Charles Marshall Jury b. 1857.
    26. viii Albert Edmond Jury b. 1860.
      ix Caroline Mary Jury, b. 1862, Eaglehawk Neck Tasmania.
      x Dawson Congal Jury, b. 20 Feb 1864, Hobart, d. 1939, Loxton South Australia.
      xi John Septimus Caulfield Jury, b. 19 Apr 1866, Hobart Tasmania.  He married Louisa Pike, 1899.

12. John Milsom Jury, b. 11 Oct 1816, Wapping Middx.  He married Te Aitu o te Rangi, 7 Oct 1839, b. 1821.  John died 6 Aug 1902, Taumata, Wairapara, NZ.  Father incorrectly shown as Thomas on Baptism Register.
      i John Albert Jury (Hoani Te Whatahoro), b. c1841, Raukakak, Gisborne NZ.
      ii Ann Eliza Jury, b. 1846, Jury Island, Wairarapa NZ.
    27. iii Charles Joseph Jury(Rongotumamao) b. 1848.
      iv Muretu Jury.  died when a house burnt down Wairarapa NZ.

13. Robert Hartup Jury, b. 12 August 1819, St George in the East Middx.  He married Eliza Mullett, 18 Feb 1846, in St George in the East, b. 1818, (daughter of James Mullett) d. 17 March 1893, Adelaide Australia. 
Robert died 19 Dec 1895, East Adelaide, Australia.  Cause of Death: Chronic nepritis and cerebral haemorrhage.

Address at time of marriage 1 Globe St. Wapping
 Marriage  witnesses:  J. Verrals and S. Scates
 Emigrated to Australia 16th May 1848

    28. i Robert Hartup Jury b. 18 Sep 1847.
    29. ii Francis Jury b. 26 July 1849.
      iii George Arthur Jury, b. 16 Jun 1851, Hindley St Adelaide.  He married Margaret Weidenhofer, 24 Sep 1883, in Adelaide.
      iv Eliza Jury, b. 2 Jul 1853, Hindley St Adelaide.
      v Henry Jury, b. 10 May 1855, Hindley St Adelaide.
      vi Fanny Jury, b. 9 May 1857, Hindley St Adelaide.
      vii Eva Jury, b. 16 Mar 1860, Hindley St Adelaide.

14. George Jury, b. 2 July 1821, St George in the East.  He married Elizabeth Orton, Sep Qtr 1845, in St George in the East.
      i Emily Mary Jury, b. Sep 1850, Rotherhithe.  birth Reg Dec Qtr 1850 1v 450.
      ii Eliza Duff Jury, b. 9 Nov 1853, Adelaide, d. Jul Qt 1864, Poplar.
      iii Frances Jury, b. 3 Jan 1856, Adelaide.
      iv George Jury.
      v Henry Jury.

15. Elizabeth Abigail Jury, b. 6 Oct 1825.  She married George Laws, 1848, in Stepney, b. 1824, Scotland.
      i Elizabeth Laws, b. 1849.
      ii Jemima Laws, b. 1851.

16. Louisa Jury, b. 23 Jun 1827, St George in the East Middx.  She married (1) Peter John Bellman, 1846, in Stepney, b. 1821, Middlesex.  She married (2) Charles Scales, b. 1842, Eye Suffolk. 
On 1861 census at 11 Stebenheath Terrace Salmon Lane Limehouse
On 1881 census at 44 Windsor Rd West Ham as wife of Charles Scales.

      i Louisa M. Bellman, b. 1863, Woodford Bridge Essex.
      ii George Morley Bellman, b. 1857, Limehouse.
      iii Emily Louisa Bellman, b. 1859, Limehouse.
      iv Ada Cath Bellman, b. 1861, Limehouse.

17. Marshall Jury, b. 7 Jun 1832, Wapping Middx.  He married (1) Susan Dargue, 13 June 1854, in Braidwood NSW, (daughter of Christopher Dargue and Hannah Hayes). He married (2) Ellen Hamilton, 21 April 1867.  He married (3) Annie Shelley, 6 October 1878.  Marshall died 4 Feb 1918, Majors Creek, NSW Australia.

      i Elizabeth Jury, b. 1855.
      ii Hannah Jury, b. 11 Dec 1857.
      iii Francis Jury, b. 1859.
      iv Matilda Jury, b. 1861.
    30. v Marshall Jury b. 13 Nov 1862.
      vi Albert Henry Jury, b. 11 Sept 1864.
      vii Frederick Jury, b. 2 Dec 1866.

18. Caroline Jury, b. 1833, St. Pancras.  She married Thomas Bucknell, 1850 Jun Qtr, in Stepney 

Mentioned in the will of Francis Jury- but no trace of Baptism
On 1851 Census at 7 Salmon Lane Limehouse.
 On 1881 census at 6 Mill Street St. Geo Hanover Square, as widow, Dining rooms keeper.  Not at this address in 1871.
 On 1901 census at 10 Trevor Square Knightsbridge. 
 In Post Office Directory 1856 at 7 Salmon lane

      i Arthur Bucknell, b. 1857 Jun Qtr, St. Geo Han Sq 1a 194.  He married Eleanor Jordan Shave, 1895, in Kensington.  On 1901 census living with mother at 10 Trevor Square Knightsbridge.
      ii Caroline Bucknell, b. 1858, London.  On 1861 Census with Grandmother Elizabeth Jury at Paradise Row. Bow.
    31. iii Charles Herbert Bucknell b. 1867.

19. Robert Hartop Jury, b. 17 Aug 1825.  He married Margaret Ann Orton, 28 March 1847, in All Hallows London, b. 1826, St Georges Middx, (daughter of George Orton).
Baptised again on 19 Feb 1832 St John of Wapping
 Apprenticed Waterman to John Jury 1839-1846
 On 1851 Census at 9 Russell Buildings Wapping.

      i Alfred George Jury, b. Dec Q 1848, Whitechapel II 544.
      ii Phoebe Jury, b. Jun qtr 1848, St. George in the East II 94.
      iii Ellen Jury.

20. John Kemp Jury, b. 15 Jan 1827, St.George Middlesex.  He married Annie Louisa Cope, 29 July 1857, in Old Church St. Pancras, b. 1837, St. Pancras.  John died between 1881 and 1891 .  Apprenticed Waterman 10 Oct 1844 to John Jury but did not complete.

 On 1881 census at 29 Chatham Rd. Battersea -Occupation shown as Tobacconist at 46 Wilton Rd St. Pancras. 
Annie: Shown as a widow on 1891 & 1901 census at 29 Chatham Road Battersea
      i Alfred Jury, b. 1859, Clerkenwell.  On 1881 Census at 46 Wilton Rd Pimlico
    On 1891 & 1901 census at 29 Chatham Rd with mother although shown as married on 1901.
      ii Herbert C. Jury, b. 1865, Wandsworth.  On 1881 Census at 46 Wilton Road Pimlico.
      iii Francis John Jury, b. 1870, Battersea.  On 1891  & 1901 census at 29 Chatham Road Battersea with Mother.
      iv Annie Louisa Jury, b. 1872, Battersea.

Fifth Generation

21. Alfred Hall, b. 3 Mar 1867, 42 Manor Street Bermondsey.  He married Ada Ruffett, 22 May 1892, in St. John, Walworth, b. 22 Feb 1869, 3 Amelia Place Regent St Westminster, (daughter of John Ruffett and Eliza Granger) d. 14 April 1940, 128 Furley Rd Camberwell. 
Marriage Witnesses: Thomas Ruffeitt & Mary Ann Morrow

Alfred died 13 Dec 1954, 1 Edison Ave Hornchurch Essex. 
 On 1901 Census at 87 Guinness Buildings, Bermondsey

  Alfred was informant at the death of John Ruffeitt in 1907. 
Ada: Birth Cert shows father as John Ruffett Marriage cert for Ada to Alfred Hall she showed father as John Thomas Ruffeitt 
Cause of death: carcinoma of rectum

    32. i Ada Rosetta Hall b. 17 Dec 1892.
      ii Amelia Hall, b. 1896, Bermondsey.
      iii William George Hall, b. Jun Q 1898, St Olaves.
      iv Jessie Grace Hall, b. 21 June 1900, 87 Guinness Buildings Snowfields Bermond.  She married George Frederick Sharp, 11 March 1922, in St. Andrews Peckham, b. 1901, (son of George Adam Sharp).
Address at time of Marriage: 4 Sidmouth Grove Peckham. George: Marriage Witnesses: Amy Rebbroke and Chas E Heasman

33. v Winifred Pansy Hall b. 7 Oct 1913.

22. William Frederick Jury, b. 1871, Bermondsey.  He married Annie Mary Emmett, Mar Qtr 1893, in Camberwell, b. 1869, Battersea, (daughter of William Emmett and Emily). 
On 1901 Census  at 94 Beresford Street Newington Southwark
 Address shown as 13 Louth Road Camberwell on death notice of son Frederick Ernest Jury.

      i Frederick Ernest Jury, b. Mar Qtr 1894, Camberwell.  He married Irene Dora Thursting, Jun Q 1915, in Lambeth.  Frederick died 23 May 1916, Killed in Action France.  Served in 1st/21st Bn., London Regt (First Surrey Rifles) in World War I
    Address shown as 82 Arthur Road Brixton on Death Notice.
      ii Arthur Edwin Jury, b. Jun Qtr 1897, Camberwell.
      iii Stanley William Jury, b. 1901, Southwark.

23. Francis Ward, b. 30 Aug 1845, Wapping Middx.  He married Mary Jane Harwood, 4 Apr 1874, in Freemantle Western  Australia, b. 1854, Freemantle Western  Australia.  On 1881 Census at 135 Malmsbury Road Bow
 Later returned to Australia.
      i Lily Constance Ward, b. 18 Oct 1876, London.
    34. ii Louisa Myrtle Ward b. 11 Nov 1886.
      iii Mary Adelaide Ward, b. 30 May 1891, Fremantle Western Australia.
      iv Francis Ward, b. 1879, Bow.
      v George E. Ward, b. 1881, Bow.

24. Mina Elizabeth Jury, b. 1853.  She married (1) Emmanuel Meyer, 1872, b. 1851, d. 1883.  She married (2) James Henry Mason, 1891.
      i Alfred Emmanuel Meyer, b. 1872.  He married Millie Trogini, 1900, in Melbourne.
      ii Bertha Pauline Meyer, b. 1874.
      iii Cecelia Louise Meyer, b. 1876, d. 1876.
      iv Max Louis Meyer, b. 1877.  He married Flo Mabel Simmons, 1909.
      v Harold Henry Mason, b. 1893, Hawthorne Melbourne Victoria.

25. Charles Marshall Jury, b. 1857, Port Arthur Tasmania.  He married Mary Riordan, 1883, in Melbourne Victoria, b. 1859, d. 1926, Malvern East Victoria.
      i Eva Beatrice Jury, b. 1885.
    35. ii Gilbert Charles Jury b. 1888.
      iii Vera Lillian Jury, b. 1889.  She married W. Finn.
    36. iv Eileen Gertrude Jury b. 1894.
    37. v Adrian Jury b. 1895.

26. Albert Edmond Jury, b. 1860, Eaglehawk Neck Tasmania.  He married (1) Sarah Jane Collins, 1886, b. 1855, d. 1887, Carlton Melbourne Victoria.  He married (2) Winifred Jane Edwards, 1906, in Victoria.
      i Theresa Cordelia Jury, b. 1887, d. 1887.

27. Charles Joseph Jury(Rongotumamao), b. 1848, Jury Island, Wairarapa NZ.  He married Anne Elizabeth Oates, b. 1851, d. 23 Oct 1877.  Charles died 19 Jul 1916, Tonga, buried: 1916, Oates Family Cemetary Somerset Rd Parkva.
      i Charles Joseph Bonsall Jury.
    38. ii Ngaru Murray Jury.

28. Robert Hartup Jury, b. 18 Sep 1847, 66 Wapping St Wapping.  He married Kate Maude Arthan, 11 Mar 1875, in Port Adelaide South Australia, b. 1853, d. 7 Jan 1882, Ebenezer Place Adelaide. 
Robert died 8 Jun 1880, Adelaide.  Cause of death: Spinal Meningitis. 
Kate: Cause of death: Pthisis

    39. i Robert Hartup Jury b. 3 Dec 1875.
      ii George Arthur Jury, b. 6 May 1877, Adelaide, d. 7 Feb 1878, Adelaide.
      iii John Edward Jury, b. 1 Feb 1879, Adelaide.  He married Edith Australia Bonney, 31 Oct 1908, in Adelaide, d. 1 Mar 1961.  John died 9 Oct 1932.

29. Francis Jury, b. 26 July 1849, Rosina Street Adelaide.  He married Elizabeth Jane Francis, 12 Sep 1874, in St Lukes Adelaide, b. 1849.
      i Francis George Victor Jury, b. 24 Dec 1876, Norman St Adelaide.
      ii Florence Ruby Nora Jury, b. 7 Feb 1882, Adelaide.
      iii Gladys Beryl Evelyne Jury, b. 10 Mar 1884, Adelaide.
      iv Marshall Vivian Henry Jury, b. 6 Jun 1886, d. 25th Aug 1915, Malta.     Commonwealth War Graves  Commission  records "Trooper 169   2nd, Australian Light Horse   who died on  Wednesday, 25th August 1915. Age 29.
      v George Arthur John Jury, b. 1889, Brisbane.  He married Robina Christie, 28 Dec 1918, in South Brisbane.
      vi Harold Vere Jury, b. 1891, Brisbane, d. 14 Mar 1892, Brisbane.

30. Marshall Jury, b. 13 Nov 1862, Araluen NSW Australia.  He married (1) Emma Mason, 18 Aug 1886, in Sydney NSW Australia.  He married (2) Elizabeth Simpson, 6 April 1892, in Goulbourn NSW Australia. 
Marshall died 14 April 1927, Sydney NSW Australia.

      i Alice Jury, b. 14 Sep 1887, NSW.
      ii Florence Jury, b. 21 Feb 1880.
      iii Evered Jury, b. 19 Feb 1893.
      iv Grace Doris Jury, b. 31 May 1894.
      v Stanley Jury, b. 26 Oct 1895.
      vi Muriel Jury, b. 15 Feb 1897.
      vii Percival Jury, b. 8 Sep 1898.
      viii Phoebe Jury, b. 22 Feb 1900.
      ix Wilfred M. Jury, b. 15 April 1902.
      x Bruce Jury, b. 12 Sep 1903.
      xi Marjorie Jury, b. 5 Dec 1904.
      xii Douglas Jury, b. 20 Sept 1906.
      xiii Dorothy Jury, b. 22 Nov 1907.
      xiv Sylvia Jury, b. 18 Dec 1909.

31. Charles Herbert Bucknell, b. 1867, Marylebone.  He married Florence Marie Nayler, 1895, b. 1869, Islington, (daughter of John Nayler and Adelaide Nayler). 
On 1901 Census at 32  Trevor Square Knightsbridge.
      i Herbert C. Bucknell, b. 1897, Knightsbridge.

Sixth Generation

32. Ada Rosetta Hall, b. 17 Dec 1892, 34 Nelson St Bermondsey.  She married (1) Frederick Feston, 24 Mar 1913, in Christ Church Camberwell, b. 13 Feb 1891, 51, Willow Walk, Bermondsey, (son of William Henry Feston and Loretta Pulling) d. 26 Oct 1917, 3rd Battle of Ypres.Flanders, buried: No known grave. 
Frederick: Marriage Witnesses: Charles Hurley & Louise Feston Address 1917  20 Leyton Sq. Peckham Park Rd London SE 15 Frederick is commemorated on a memorial at Tyne Cot Cemetary 
She married (2) Herbert Leopold Sadler, 27 Nov 1920, in St. Andrews, Peckham, b. 14 Sep 1880, 66 Theeton Rd Bermondsey, (son of Albert James Sadler and Catherine Amelia Smith). 
Marriage Witnesses: Jessie Hall & George Frederick Sharp

Ada died 17 Dec 1972, Hither Green Hospital.  Cause of Death: Bronchopneumonia. : 
    41. i Ada Lauretta Feston b. 9 Dec 1913.
    42. ii Rose Amelia Feston b. 7 Jul 1917.
      iii Herbert A. Sadler, b. Sep Qtr 1921, Camberwell.

33. Winifred Pansy Hall, b. 7 Oct 1913, 45 Verney Rd Camberwell.  She married William Herbert Edward Cranstoun, 16 Dec 1939, in Register Office Camberwell, b. 1916, (son of Edward Cranstoun). 
Address at time of marriage: 128 Furley Rd Camberwell.

34. Louisa Myrtle Ward, b. 11 Nov 1886, London.  She married William Turner Blythe, 28 Mar 1904, in Ballarat Victoria Australia. 
Louisa died 13 Mar 1975, Claremont WA Australia.

    43. i Betty Winifred Blythe 

35. Gilbert Charles Jury, b. 1888.  He married Eliza Victoria Mecham, 1912.
    44. i John Walter Jury.

36. Eileen Gertrude Jury, b. 1894.  She married Douglas Midgley.
      i Noel Midgley.

37. Adrian Jury, b. 1895.  He married Nancy.
      i Kevin Jury.
      ii Margaret Jury.

38. Ngaru Murray Jury.  She married Thomas Parsons.

39. Robert Hartup Jury, b. 3 Dec 1875, Adelaide.  He married Ellen Faulkner.
      i Robert Jury.
      ii Lilian Jury.
    46. iii Saide Olivia Jury.

40. Audrey Evered Jury, b. 22 Nov 1917, Sydney NSW Australia.  She married Reginald Frederick Emmerick, 18 March 1939, in Kogarah NSW Austrtalia. Audrey died 3 Feb 1987, Sydney NSW Australia.

Seventh Generation

41. Ada Lauretta Feston, b. 9 Dec 1913, 2 Dorset Terrace, North Peckham.  She married George Kemp, Q1 1934, b. 1914.

42. Rose Amelia Feston, b. 7 Jul 1917, 41 Marlborough Rd Camberwell.  She married William Erasmus Cooper, 1 Jan 1938, in St. Johns Church, Southend, London, b. 11 Aug 1914, 13 EBlock Broad Street Station Dwellings Whitecross Place, Shoreditch, (son of Thomas Alfred Cooper and Esther Emily Flack) d. 1 Jul 1985, St.Christophers Hospice, Sydenham. 
Rose died 17 Dec 1981, Farnborough Hospital. 

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